Cricket…One Month In

So I mentioned how I was giving AT&T the heave-ho and porting my numbers to Cricket Wireless. That’s exactly what I did…

Porting…awful. It took over 24 hours for two of my lines to become fully active. My line was up and running completely within an hour. But my kids’ lines were limited to voice only, no data or text for over a complete day.

Cricket’s support couldn’t give me any answers why. And the local store…let’s just say I’d call them incompetent at best. But that’s over and done with.

So other than a day of what I’d call awfulness, let’s get on with the actual service.

It’s been awesome.

Cricket Wireless is wholly owned by AT&T. And it utilizes the AT&T network. And we’ve found that places where we only got HPSA+, we now get LTE. Go figure.

And at just $90 flat, for three lines of unlimited, I think I’ve found a new wireless home. At least until a better option comes along.